Meeting-discussion on Global vision theme for librarians

On July 28 at 10 a.m. in the Chinese corner of National Children’s Library after Khnko Aper the Armenian Library Association implemented IFLA’s Global vision workshop-discussion. The president of ALA Mrs R. Tonoyan welcomed the participant-librarians and presented the aim and persuasive of the meeting. Here was mentioned, that IFLA assumes the mission in creation of connected library field in different countries of the world which abilities and preconditions will be summed up on the basis of high-level meetings and discussions which, having the name of “Global Vision”, are implemented in different countries of the world.  The participants during the Armenian seminar discussed how will be the future of librarians, united and interconnected library field and how library being a social institute will hold out against future’s challenges.  The meeting of Asia Oceania regional workshop took place in Singapore. The last meeting of the stage was held in Madrid to which together with European representatives participated the Armenian representative too, who hosted such an organized seminar- discussion for Armenian librarians. During analytic and functional-informative professional discussion twenty librarians from Yerevan and regional libraries participated to collaborative team work and brief presented their notions and previsions of Armenia’s library future vision which will be summed up and reflected at IFLA submitted report.