New workshop for librarians is launching

On July 5-7 Armenian Library Association NGO in cooperation with IBBY Armenia NGO is going to implement a workshop, which has the theme “Organizing and promoting reading among children and young adults in the libraries”. The workshop will run the head of Children’s Literature Section of Lyon Municipal library Violaine Kanmacher. The workshop will be both in French and Armenian. Twenty librarians from RA regional and community libraries will participate. The target group is librarians who serve children and young adults. The aim of workshop, for the benefit of development of library work in RA, is to give Armenian librarians new skills and knowledge in organizing children’s reading and library service of that age group by informing them the actual peculiarities of innovative, collaborative, initiative working style.   In order to ensure the dynamic effectiveness of the enterprise, librarians their new knowledge, skills and ability must put into practice with the work of that age group for the purpose to correspond modern demands. The course of studies will launch on July 5 at 10 a.m. at the National Children’s Library after Khnko Aper.