Donation of Arabic Books to Armenian Libraries Finished


On October 19, 2018 the representatives of the Arabic Kalimat foundation were in Armenia. In cooperation with ALA (Armenian Library Association) they donated 1000 Arabic books to Armenian libraries. On October, 100 Arabic books were donated to National Children’s Library after Khnko Aper, Nor Nork  Central, Armavir and Aragatsotn regional libraries together with mobile bookshelves. In November and December the process of donation of books and mobile bookshelves continued and was later summed up. Kotayq’s, Syuniq’s , Vayoc Dzor’s, Tavush’s, Shirak’s regional libraries were replenished with 100 Arabic books. On November 23 the library of G. Ashot Cultural Center accepted the present of books together with a mobile bookshelf on closing ceremony of “Goris: CIS Cultural Centre 2018” international program.