Library excursions are still ongoing

Within the framework of NLW on April 19 the president of ALA Ruzan Tonoyan and vice-president Rafik Ghazaryan with a children’s writer, poet Ruzan Asatryan and a writer, publicist Levon Blbulyan visited Aragatsotn province library after Vardges Petrosyan. The professional excursion was planned as a meeting with writers. Basically, it was a meeting in the crossroads of writer-book-librarian-reader, which crossing centre was the ALA with a professional-cultural week with the heading “Armenian Army-25”. ALA, loyal to its purport for evaluation reading and libraries, was implemented a book donation.
During the meeting was presented the creative ways of writers, were uttered words of gratitude and deep respect. The librarian’s of Ashtarak read the works of their country-woman, talked about her art, what value has her homeland, who with her enormous faith destines a powerful army and a strong homeland. The volunteers of Aragatsotn Youth Centre read the works of the writer, author of various songs Levon Blbulyan.
During the meeting were present readers, booklovers and journalists. The presence of ALA leaders encouraged the librarians to touch upon the professional problems, to present their views.
Let us mention that during the NLW will be implemented periodic excursions to other libraries of RA.