Armenian Library Association’s new undertaking

On June 19 at the National Children’s Library after Khnko Aper the Armenian Library Association conducted the “Libraries’ Innovative Management Methods” one-day training for librarians. The aim of the seminar was to transfer the innovative skills and knowledge learned by the participants at the 2016 collaboratively organized same name training by ALA and Mortenson Centre for International Library Programs (Illinois University, USA) to other librarians of children’s library.
The training runners presented 4 innovative models, practical tasks, a video related to the topic was shown, and problems were put forward.
A professional meeting consisted of practical and meaningful discussions, the participants expressed several new theoretical-practical tasks and ideas for making library work better.
Let us mention, that the same thematic training will be soon held for the regional librarians.

Next week will launch the National Library Week

On the 16-23th of April 2018 the Armenian Library Association will implement traditionally celebrated National Library Week at RA: this year it is devoted to May battles and Erebuni-Yerevan 2800th anniversary.
Since 2002 the task of professional-cultural week, implementing annually by ALA, is targeting, speaking out the library issues and searching comprehensive effective solutions. NLW has a tendency to promote the stimulation of interest towards libraries, book and reading and evaluating the importance of libraries in the public’s life. Annual organization of “week” expects effective cooperation between libraries, workers’ attention acting in the spheres of book and information towards library work, as well as strengthening library-public connection. Target groups are readers, library workers of informative-bibliographic spheres, intellectuals… The program will launch from April 16: with separate programs will participate republic’s regional, community, professional, higher educational institutions libraries, which in advance informed about the implementing terms and got the designed posters appropriate to year’s content.
In the libraries will be implemented meetings, discussions, events dedicated to important cultural anniversaries, poetry hours, book presentations, exhibitions, professional excursions to Armenian libraries, book donations…
The week will be summed up at April 23.

ALA informs

On the 28th of February 2018 the members of the Armenian Library Association NGO vice president R. Ghazaryan and G. Karapetyan visited the regional centre of Ararat to see the activity of RA Ararat region Artashat Municipality’s “Library system” CNCO. The motive of visit was an information-letter (23.02.2018) sent to director of ALA R. Tonoyan from director of “Library system” CNCO  S. Petrosyan, which is acting under dependence on Artashat Municipality, where she expressed her anxiety about further activity.
Until 2016 the Central library with its 3 branches had been acted at Artashat… During the visit one branch was closed by the Municipality /in 2016/ and funds were transferred to the basement of Artashat culture house: actually that branch already had no address. Those two branches (the first one on Araratyan 5, the second one On Marx 5) also didn’t work, although the library’s served fund in the worst condition was on place. The obvious flaws, also the fear of readers and residents that the mentioned branches are also on the brink of dissolution, in the connection with that problem, leaded the members of ALA to Artashat Municipality to apply to competent officials. After presenting the problem in condensed form to Mayor, the suggestions, under the knowledge of Mayor, were presented to the head of Education, Culture and Sport section Manya Ghazaryan.  The observations of ALA members and following from this observations the demand of letting act already set branches at above-mentioned addresses, also the appropriation of rate of charge for two branches, are substantiated, because:
*Artashat’s Municipal CLS (Centralized Library System) cannot be called “Library system” without branches, which causes contradiction of legal and actual facts.
*In 2015 the CNCO got the status of public library by Ministry of Culture, which is a legal base for system’s whole activity.
*The reading society of Artashat’s mentioned addresses protest and require to open both 2 branches and continue library service for young adults.
The Municipality as a result of ALA members’ visit, taking as a principle above mentioned bases, gave an order to reopen and continue the activity, also appropriated 1 rate of charge salary, which will be distributed among librarians working in 2 branches.
Observing above-mentioned problem’s positive outcome as important achievement of ALA activity – association will continue doing his mission promoting the protection of reading interests with caution and succession.

The visit of Massimo Gentili Tedeschi, the head of the UFFICIO Ricordi Music Foundation, to Armenia

The Armenian visit of Massimo Gentili Tedeschi, the head of Milan’s BRAIDENSE National Library’s Ufficio Ricordi Music foundation was finished.  The goals of the visit were brought together during the round table summarizing the Armenian excursion and the professional meeting of the Italian specialist. Tedeski mentioned that music is a cultural value, which doesn’t have linguistic barriers: so it can be easily spread all around the world. In particular, there were return to the digitization of music literature and the searching system functioning in virtual domain, as well as about acquaintance of Armenian librarians with modern worldwide trends of cataloging. Tedeschi mentioned that the Musicological library in the Komitas museum is unique and expressed hope that owing to digitization it will be more popular as a result of which its resources can be fully utilized.
At the end of visit, the European specialist accompanied by Mrs R. Tonoyan, president of ALA, met Mr A. Amiryan,  RA Minister of Culture, at the meeting  were present Mr. T. Zargaryan, the director of NLA and Mr. N. Kostandyan, the director of Komitas institute- museum.   During the meeting was spoken about digitization of Armenia’s Music funds, protection and popularization. The specialist highly appreciated the meetings with the sphere’s representatives in Armenia and expressed willingness for further effective cooperation. Let us mention, that the Italian specialist was in Armenia with the cooperation of the Armenian Library Association and the Museum-Institute of Komitas and under the direct sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia.

Massimo Gentili Tedeschi conducted a master class


In cooperation with the Armenian Library Association and Komitas Museum-Institute, supported by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia on November 27 at 11-17  the  Komitas museum-institute hosted Massimo Gentili Tedeschi,  the head of the UFFICIO Ricordi Music Foundation. After library excursion the Italian specialist started his discourse with the theme “Modern trends of cataloging books”. During one-day master class the librarians got acquainted with modern library, in particular to the cataloging problems and modern approaches of music funds.  The speaker on the basis of worldwide examples presented the multi-lingual searching system of note music literature funds, the cataloging automation methods, forms and perspectives.  The librarians asked thematic questions to the speaker.  More than 100 participants from Yerevan and regions participated to the discourse.
At the end of the meeting the president of ALA Mrs. R. Tonoyan thanked busy specialist for transmitting to Armenian librarians’ actual knowledge and skills.

New undertaking to train librarians

In cooperation with the Armenian Library Association and Komitas Museum-Institute, supported by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia on November 27 at 11-17 in the hall of Komitas museum-institute will be implemented a workshop for librarians with the heading “Modern trends of cataloging books”, which will host Massimo Gentili Tedeschi, the head of the UFFICIO Ricordi Music Foundation.
The Italian master during one-day scientific-practical meeting will present the problems and perspectives of modern library funds’ cataloging.
The aim of course is to share new applied abilities and knowledge to librarians through international experience. More than 100 librarians from republic will participate.

Congratulation, dear librarian

2004 RA government, the establishment day of Armenian Library Association, fixed as Librarian day. It is traditionally celebrated by various professional and cultural events in RA. This year again at the libraries of Armenia and Artsakh due to professional holiday corresponding to the content of the day will be implemented various events, which once more will highlight the old profession of librarian and its  contribution to the promotion of reading and appreciation of the book.

Meeting-discussion on Global vision theme for librarians

On July 28 at 10 a.m. in the Chinese corner of National Children’s Library after Khnko Aper the Armenian Library Association implemented IFLA’s Global vision workshop-discussion. The president of ALA Mrs R. Tonoyan welcomed the participant-librarians and presented the aim and persuasive of the meeting. Here was mentioned, that IFLA assumes the mission in creation of connected library field in different countries of the world which abilities and preconditions will be summed up on the basis of high-level meetings and discussions which, having the name of “Global Vision”, are implemented in different countries of the world.  The participants during the Armenian seminar discussed how will be the future of librarians, united and interconnected library field and how library being a social institute will hold out against future’s challenges.  The meeting of Asia Oceania regional workshop took place in Singapore. The last meeting of the stage was held in Madrid to which together with European representatives participated the Armenian representative too, who hosted such an organized seminar- discussion for Armenian librarians. During analytic and functional-informative professional discussion twenty librarians from Yerevan and regional libraries participated to collaborative team work and brief presented their notions and previsions of Armenia’s library future vision which will be summed up and reflected at IFLA submitted report.

Today has launched new three-day workshop for librarians

With the initiative of IBBY Armenia and Armenian Library Association on July 5 at 10 a.m. at the Chinese corner of the National Children’s Library after Khnko Aper launched a 3-day workshop with the theme “Organizing and promoting reading among children and young adults in the libraries”. The president of IBBY Armenia Ruzan Tonoyan welcomed RA regional and capital’s 20 librarians and presented prehistory of the initiative. The course for librarians ,which serve to large groups of children, run the head of children’s section of Lyon Municipal library Violaine Kanmacher, who presented French experience of approaching children to library and involving them in reading. She also presented Lyon library’s professional practical skills of serving children age group, organizing the reading with individuals and groups. “The librarians should have special features to be able to treat different age children differently. Create predictions to visit libraries, to read, to love books”- based on the oretical- practical experience mentioned Kanmacher. Through videos she presented the usefulness of library for 6-12, 12-15 ages. During the course was spoken about the right of readers, typology of events about hour of fairy-tales, exhibitions, musical soundtracks, individual reading, which can be reason for long relationship between children and book.
Day’s lesson was finished by cultural impact, different librarians shared their expectations.

New workshop for librarians is launching

On July 5-7 Armenian Library Association NGO in cooperation with IBBY Armenia NGO is going to implement a workshop, which has the theme “Organizing and promoting reading among children and young adults in the libraries”. The workshop will run the head of Children’s Literature Section of Lyon Municipal library Violaine Kanmacher. The workshop will be both in French and Armenian. Twenty librarians from RA regional and community libraries will participate. The target group is librarians who serve children and young adults. The aim of workshop, for the benefit of development of library work in RA, is to give Armenian librarians new skills and knowledge in organizing children’s reading and library service of that age group by informing them the actual peculiarities of innovative, collaborative, initiative working style.   In order to ensure the dynamic effectiveness of the enterprise, librarians their new knowledge, skills and ability must put into practice with the work of that age group for the purpose to correspond modern demands. The course of studies will launch on July 5 at 10 a.m. at the National Children’s Library after Khnko Aper.